Seco Floors

A system for basement sub-floors that heats your floors and protects your home from mould and radon gas.

All basement floors are susceptible to moisture, temperature changes, and condensation. Regardless of a home’s age or the quality of concrete, basement floors require protection from excess moisture and harmful gas.

Seco Floors provides long-term protection from those risks, and keeps your floors comfortably warm. The system can be installed in new or existing homes. 

How it Works

Seco Floors provides a sealed wood sub-floor installed on top of the concrete slab in your basement. 

The installation begins with bare concrete floors. A series of plastic strapping is installed directly onto the concrete floor, strategically placed to create a thin air channel. 3/4” plywood is installed on top of the strapping, creating a sturdy sub-floor that’s ready for any type of flooring.

Seco Air Handler

The Seco Air Handler is then connected. It actively circulates the air between the concrete floor and sub-floor, controlling the humidity. This provides an environment that allows new concrete to breath while ensuring long-term protection against moisture and mould.

The Benefits of Seco Floors

  • Prevents mold growth through moisture control.
  • Removes excess moisture from concrete, eliminating the musty smell common to basements.
  • Heated air circulated below the floor provides a warm and comfortable living space.
  • Prevents rot. 

Heated Floors

A heated floor is a critical part of ensuring your basement is a comfortable environment for you and your family.

The Seco Air Handler collects heat from the furnace area and circulates it throughout the sub-floor. This heat transfers to the flooring of your choice.

Seco Floors combines heated floors with mold prevention to prevent that common musty smell and provide a complete package for comfort in your basement.

Why Choose Seco Floors

Seco Floors provides a permanent and stable solution for your basement’s concrete floors. When compared to similar products, the benefits are clear.

  Bare Concrete Wood Sleepers DIY1 Floor Panels Seco Floors
Circulates air touching concrete floors       Yes
Prevents mold growth       Yes
Heats floor 2       Yes
Covers bare concrete    Yes Yes Yes
Permanently adheres to concrete floor Yes     Yes

1 DIY (Do It Yourself) refers to the different floor panel products regularly available in commercial home & garden stores.

2 We differentiate “heating” with “insulating”, as many floor products have a small amount of insulation built in.

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