Seco Ground

A below-ground system to prevent radon gas and mould in new homes.

Seco Ground provides long-term protection from the risks of moisture, mould, and harmful gas by circulation air before it enters your home. 

How it Works

Seco Ground is installed in the gravel beneath the home, making it a smart choice for new home construction. It can be installed below the concrete slab or in the gravel of a crawl space. 

A series of flexible, perforated pipes is placed in the gravel beneath your home. The pipes are spread out to create a network of air channels. An exhaust shaft is attached to the pipes to provide a central access point above ground. 

Seco Air Handler

The Seco Air Handler is connected to the exhaust shaft, controlling the air within the gravel. The system removes air from the gravel and exhausts it outside. That evacuated air contains the moisture and radon gas that can seep into your home.


The Benefits of Seco Ground

  • Prevents dangerous radon gas from entering your home.
  • Prevents mould growth through moisture control.
  • Removes excess moisture from the gravel, eliminating the musty smell common to basements.
  • Can be installed in homes with or without basements.
  • Creates a more stable soil environment, reducing the risk of floor-heaving caused by fluctuations in soil conditions.

Prevent Floor-Heaving

Floor heaving results from expansion and contraction of the soil beneath your home, which pushes up on the concrete and causes it to crack. There are many factors, but excess moisture in the soil is the main culprit. 

The process of building a home dramatically disturbs the soil beneath it. Regardless of the quality of the home being built, floor heaving can occur.

Seco Ground reduces the moisture levels beneath your home, which helps to prevent floor heaving.

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