Seco Walls

An insulation system for basement walls that protects your home from mould and radon gas.

All basement walls are susceptible to moisture, condensation, and radon gas, which is harmful for your home and your health. Seco Walls prevents mould from growing and radon gas from entering your home, providing long-term protection for you and your family.

Seco Walls can be installed in new or existing homes.

How it Works


Seco Walls is a complete insulation solution for basement walls. In addition to keeping your basement warm, the system actively monitors the temperature and humidity of basement walls. It creates an environment that allows concrete to breath, while ensuring long-term protection from mould and radon gas.

Installation begins with a blank concrete wall and finishes with a sealed system, with steel mounting strips, ready for drywall.

  • A series of plastic strapping is installed directly on the concrete wall, running horizontally to create an air gap.
  • 3.5-inch thick, high-quality rigid polystyrene insulation is installed on top of the strips, sealing in the air space.
  • Steel mounting strips are installed on top of the insulation seams every two feet, providing durable studs for drywall.

Seco Air Handler: Runs on Demand

The Seco Air Handler is then connected. The system monitors temperature and humidity, and circulates air between the concrete wall and the insulation to maintain a safe and comfortable environment. 

Benefits of Seco Walls 

  • Prevents mould growth through moisture control.
  • Provides better insulation than traditional methods.
  • Prevents dangerous radon gas from entering your home.
  • Removes excess moisture from the insulated wall cavity, eliminating the musty smell common to basements.
  • Metal strapping (studs) adhere to industry standards, without the need for using wood or traditional insulation.
  • Prevents concrete disintegration or spalling caused by repeated freezing and thawing in cold climates.
  • Designed to address common issues caused by capillary action/rise, convection currents, and solar-driven vapour diffusion in basement walls. 

Why Choose Seco Walls? 

  Frost Wall ICF Spray Foam Seco Walls
Prevents radon gas     Maybe Yes
Removes moisture from concrete walls       Yes
Prevents mold growth    N/A Maybe Yes
Circulates air touching concrete walls       Yes
Installation is reversable Yes     Yes
Requires wood 2x4s Yes   Yes No
Creates dangerous curing (off-gas)      Yes No
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